Hello World


A global Internet Art Exhibition by Transcultural Exchange featuring artists and Cultural venues from around the world. CURTIDOS is one of the many galleries and venues participating with Hello World, an international project where artists throughout the world have submitted art works to share with all of us. We hope you enjoy this gesture of […]

Metacicle – A neologism


Anything without a name to name it does not exist. It is by creating new WORDS – new meanings – that we create new WORLDS. Metacicle, Metacícliques, Metacíclicas, Metacycle… or being passed the monthly cycles. New words for women that create counter-narratives. Collaborative project with Queralt Reig, Margarita Farran, Nuria Roldós, Mercè Espelleta, Carmen Escudero, […]

Aki Hoshihara – Energy Portrait

01.12.18 - 01.12.18 - 16 to 20h.

Saturday 1st december from 16 to 20h Aki Hoshihara will create intuitive abstract portraits. She will talk to you as she reads your energy, ask questions and sometimes ask you to write words on paper. As she captures the moment of your unique expression, she will draw your portrait using sumi-ink on paper.

Irene Depetris – Brillo!

01.11.18 - 15.11.18

Arqueología artificial de las calles de una ciudad. Collage-instalacion con desechos y
souvenirs. El azar y las cosas que brillan.

Miriam Laage

15.09.18 - 30.09.18

MIRIAM LAAGE es una artista visual alemana que trabaja sobre el lenguaje y cómo este afecta la relación entre pensamiento y acción, ficción y realidad. Durante su residencia (16-30.09.2018) llevará a cabo una serie de acciones que vincularán nuestro taller con el espacio urbano. El workshop DOING WORDS (21 y 22.09.2018) es una exploración en […]

Carolina Marquez – she is not a resident

22.03.18 - 30.03.18

Carolina travels to Vietnam as an Artist-Non-Resident in Curtidos. The pattern of her journey through Vietnamese nature and culture is marked by her repeated encounters with the Tire and the Sacred. The altars that she reproduced – decontextualized – invite us to reflect on our own symbolic need.

Adrian Pino

10.03.18 20-21:30h

EL NOVIO DE VENUS Una velada surreal con Adrián Pino Olivera, conocido popularmente como El Novio de Venus, por los desnudos que realiza por los principales museos de Europa dedicándoselos a la diosa del amor. Una noche para conocer su proyecto y su visión, una invitación a sumergirnos en su personal paraíso.