Miriam Laage

15.09.18 - 30.09.18

What I do equate more to an intervention. A reaction to what surrounds me. I am interested about whether and in which ways life can be transformed through art. How does art interferes with life. I address these questions through actions.

During my residency at Curtidos I was dealing with questions about what art is and what it could be or become, in which context it can change its appearance. What do artists produce?

Images? Imaginations?

This research process has been summarized in the publication of a zine untitled “Variation of an Experience“ released on the 30th of September 2018 at Curtidos.

The workshop DOING WORDS (on 29.09.18) focused on the potentials that are generally inherent in language. What can a word mean? how can we slightly shift its meaning or play with its connotations? How everyone of us is using language differently? For example during the workshop  every participant choose a word and we work as a group on the relation between thought and action, spoken and unspoken, fiction and so-called reality putting it in the context of different artist postions as well as in the context of daily life.

Miriam Laage is an artist based in germany. In 2018 she founded the magazine DIE ARBEIT that regularly presents young artist positions