Fabian Gutscher

10.08.19 - 09.09.19 daily stream @ 20h

Fabian Gutscher is a musician with a highly experimental mind. During his Residency, he found ways to connect different physical and virtual spaces through the practice of listening, and therefore became a listener of Barcelona’s sounds. Fabian transformed everything around him: an old TV to a noise of residual image through an internet transmitter, the light as a generator of movement, an old three-phase electromechanical meter as a measurer of his energy consumption… He built a drawing machine out of a pencil to visualize sound, and created instruments out of a ping-pong ball, a fan, wires, etc. Through his experimental creations and synthesis, he was able to use the physicality of Curtidas and transmit only its sounds. His daily experimental sessions were broadcasted through the radio stream every day at 20h, for three weeks in a row. He connected local listeners with his global listeners. For further sharing, you will find 15 of his broadcasted sessions, played alone or in collaboration with musicians and artists who joined the residency virtually and physically.


Energy consumption of daily sessions is monitored and posted on the storefront window display.



watch Fabian playing