Kaspar König

01.01.17 - 10.01.17

Kaspar Konig (NL `75) is a sound-sculpturer and works mainly with new objects & new instruments in new scores that have their own narrative expression. He loves transdisciplinary crossovers from not only design, sound and research – his interest in environmental, societal and cultural juxtapositions is fundamental and inspires him to look over any border. With the invention of a webcam-sound-mapping tool- he is able to translate any live image into live sound… try it yourself in www.listentocolors.net.

Kaspar we also organised a SNOOZE NIGHT that was held in a rural location linked to Curtidas. We made 12+ beds and space in Can Gessa, to let every participant sleep and be awake as it pleased them you. All through the night Kaspar composed waves that could impact on the oneiric journeys.

How was it to be in-between sleep and wake? Did you do smalltalk with your subconscious? Did you have any particular dream in that mindful state?